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New fitness studio offering unique approach to circuit training | Get Fit

This fitness studio offers a unique approach to circuit training. While you break a sweat, you build connections.

SAN ANTONIO — Local Moves is a brand-new fitness studio in San Antonio that offers a unique approach to circuit training. While you break a sweat, you build connections.  

Owner Thomas Roe believes in supporting your physical and mental health. At his gym, he uses the buddy system. He’ll pair you up with another person during each class. That person will serve as your motivator and competitor through high-intensity interval training.  

“It gives you the opportunity to support and encourage each other,” Roe said. “But it’s also an opportunity to create a community.” 

Roe’s inspiration behind this idea was his sister, Tonya, who battled mental illness. With many people struggling behind closed doors, Roe hopes his gym serves as a place where they feel valued, seen and heard. 

“When Tonya was lost, she always felt like there was no one for her to talk to,” Roe said. “With your buddy, you help push each other through the tough, challenging obstacles." 

Roe hopes the connections made in his studio become lasting friendships outside its walls. 

“When someone walks in, they immediately have 19 friends,” Roe said. “It’s their tribe. This is what separates us - the tribe and the culture of Local Moves.” 

Local Moves offers 20 different classes that consist of 45 to 50 minutes of intense circuit training. You’ll use everything from free weights and TRX cables to ladders and kettlebells. Roe also has the only studio in town that uses Energy Fit Skis, a two-in-one machine that simulates rowing and cross-country skiing. 

Your first class at Local Moves is free. After that, classes range from $18 to $24 each depending on the program you choose. Roe can also help you with your diet by setting you up on a meal plan.  

Local Moves is located at 914 East Elmira, Suite 106, San Antonio, TX 78212. To learn more about Local Moves, click here.

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