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This is the most popular love language in Texas, according to a recent report

With just one month until Valentine’s Day, learning your partner’s love language can prove to be invaluable.

SAN ANTONIO — Now that we’ve made it through the major holidays and into a new year, many people are looking ahead to Valentine’s Day. 

With just one month until February 14, the romance experts at Shane Co. sought to uncover the top love language in each state.  

In the 90s, the term love language became popularized by author Gary Chapman in the book ‘The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate.’ In his book, Chapman explores the five preferred methods of affection. These methods include touch, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and words of affirmation. 

Whether it’s quality time or acts of service, a person’s love language can reveal a lot about them and their relationship preferences. 

By using Google Trends search data, the team at Shane Co. was able to discover the most popular love language in every state. 

While the overall preferred method of affection was quality time (this garnered the most searches in 15 out of 50 states), the most popular love language in Texas was receiving gifts. This was also the most popular love language in New York and Florida. 

So if you’re looking to make this Valentine’s Day extra special, consider picking up a thoughtful present for your loved one.  

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