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These are the most haunted places in San Antonio | A look inside one of the hotels

We visited a hotel that could be haunted by the souls who once roamed the hallways.

SAN ANTONIO — When it comes to the top 20 most haunted places in Texas, San Antonio makes up 35% of that list, according to Yelp.

The number one haunted place is the Driskill in Austin. But, you can’t glance over the fourth most haunted place on the list -- The Menger Hotel, right here in the Alamo City.

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Opened since 1857, this hotel is known to have some paranormal activity. People have reported seeing faces in mirrors and loud noises that come out of nowhere.

There is another very haunted place in town -- The Emily Morgan Hotel.

"A lot of people wander in and they’re just like-- what is this place, what did it used to be?" said General Manager Kole Seiken.

It used to be a hospital opened in 1924. Decades later, it turned into a hotel. 

And the top floor, which is the 13th, but labeled 14th, was the surgical floor. 

"It definitely smells like an antiseptic type smell. We've never been able to get that smell out. Some people will say they can smell it very strongly. Others can see they don't smell anything at all," said Seiken. "No matter through all the remodels that this building has gone through, they've never been able to get that smell out."

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"There's lots of stories to go around, and we have we have fun with it. That's for sure," said Seiken.

Here's the full list of haunted Texas places:

  1. The Driskill -- Austin, TX
  2. The Driskill Bar -- Austin, TX
  3. Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill -- Austin, TX
  4. Menger Hotel -- San Antonio, TX
  5. Clay Pit -- Austin, TX
  6. Miss Molly’s Hotel -- Fort Worth, TX
  7. Monteleone's -- El Paso, TX
  8. The Emily Morgan Hotel -- San Antonio, TX
  9. The Adolphus, Autograph Collection -- Dallas, TX
  10. The Alamo -- San Antonio, TX
  11. Jefferson Hotel -- Jefferson, TX
  12. The Tremont House Hotel -- Galveston, TX
  13. 1886 Cafe & Bakery -- Austin, TX
  14. St. Anthony, a Luxury Collection Hotel -- San Antonio, TX
  15. The Tavern -- Austin, TX
  16. Faust Brewing Company -- New Braunfels, TX
  17. Faust Hotel -- New Braunfels, TX
  18. The Esquire Tavern -- San Antonio, TX
  19. The Crockett Hotel -- San Antonio, TX
  20. VFW Post 76 -- San Antonio, TX

"These ghosts are very friendly and whatnot. So, I would take it as it as it is. Maybe you will have a ghostly experience. Maybe you won't. But, in the end, you're going to have a good time," said Seiken. 

For more information about The Emily Morgan, click here. They also told KENS 5 they are having a "Room with your Boo" event where they will be serving "ghost cocktails." They also said everyone gets a free cookie when they check in.

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