A great-grandmother is tap dancing her way to another birthday in just a few days. But it's who's helping her celebrate that is getting her all the attention.

It's a surprise two-years in the making, a 95th birthday that almost didn't happen.

Back in 2008, Jeanne Froman’s dancing skills landed her on America's Got Talent. Years later, congestive heart failure looked to derail her active lifestyle.

Two years ago, she underwent a procedure at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio designed for seniors to help the valves in her heart. Her doctor was on hand for Tuesday's celebration and believes that Jeanne is an inspiration for anyone looking to take control of their health.

“If you have life in you, you shouldn't stop,” Dr. Jorge Alvarez said.

Jeanne Froman will tell you that there's a lot more to staying fit at her age.

“You don't get enough exercise. Another thing, too many sweets and not enough green food,” she explained.

It's that spirit and determination that landed her a spot as an honorary Silver Dancer on Tuesday.

“I thought it was incredible. Every dancer aspires to continue dancing for as long as they can,” one Spurs representative said. “To see this wonderful lady continue to do what she does is inspiring.”

According to her doctor, it’s been an amazing recovery. Froman will celebrate her 95th birthday with family on February 9.