A San Antonio couple's trip to the hair salon has gone viral after they were recorded doing a mini-hair lesson.

KENS 5 caught up with the couple, Andrew and Theresa, and talked with them about the story behind the video that has touched the hearts of millions of people around the globe.

A stylist at the Foundry Salon in New Braunfels recorded Andrew learning how to style Theresa's hair. The reason: she was no longer able to do it herself.

In the video, you can see Andrew intently listening to the stylist, Andrea Gomez.

"Wonderful customer service out of this. Over and above. I just thought she was going to show me a few things with the hair blower, how to use it, with the brush and stuff too keep it with nice volume. And all of a sudden it ends up being a 45-minute lesson," recalled Andrew.

For Mother's day, the couple's children bought Theresa a gift certificate to Foundry Salon. After getting her hair styled and washed later at home, Theresa couldn't style it the same again. Andrew decided he was going to go back to the same stylist to get tips.

"He had a list of...all the products they had at home and what they had been using over the years," said Gomez. "It was at that moment you really saw the intentions of what he was truly after. He was asking me about the products and asking me about the blow dryer."

Gomez decided to give Andrew a lesson.

He returned with Theresa and they started the process from the beginning. Another stylist recorded the video that's since been viewed more than 7 million times and shared by more than 90,000 people.

"They built their relationship on a foundation of love. I think that pours out in everything they do. If you lead with love like Andrew has done in his marriage, in their love. it spreads like wildfire," said Gomez.

The couple said they didn't know what Facebook was till their son explained it to them. They said the response has been overwhelming and they're not used to all the attention. But he said they're glad that it's having a positive impact on people.

Andrew said their 45 years of marriage has always been a give and take relationship. He recalled how Theresa helped take care of the kids because he was often, traveling for work. When she suffered a stroke years later and lost mobility, he stepped in to assist her.

"This type of story may help some people, may get to them and touch them in a way that they just need to work a little harder with their relationships," said Andrew. "You gotta just make things happen, instead of just giving up."

Theresa didn't want to talk on camera but when Eyewitness News asked her to rate Andrew's styling skills 1 out of 5, she gave him a 5.