SAN ANTONIO — With Spurs merchandise sold at multiple retailers, people are eager to get their hands on anything that represents the Alamo City.

Alejandra Paulina, 19, posted a photo of artistic Spurs gear that you can't get off the shelves.

"A little Summertime project done with love for my city #satx #handpainted," says Paulina.

This isn't the first project the local artist has created. Being a sophomore at Savannah College of Art & Design, she's no stranger to a canvas.

"It brings me a lot of happiness when I'm able to look at an ordinary object and imagine the ways I can create it to be something personal for myself, or for someone else," says Paulina.

The SA native describes how she's proud to represent her city and create art that community members can appreciate.

"I really wanted to use the fiesta colors and the classic Spurs logo. Adding the colors to the skylight brought more of a San Antonio feel to the shoes, which was the goal!" says Paulina.

With talent like this coming from the 210, you might just agree, Go Spurs Go!