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Winter safety tips for your pets

When temperatures dip below freezing, it’s best to bring your four-legged friends in from the cold.

TEMPLE, Texas — While you're getting ready for the cold weather, don't forget about your furry family members. 

If you can, it's best to bring your pet inside during this storm. 


  • The shelter should be dry and draft free shelter. 
  •  The shelter needs to be elevated a few inches off the ground.
  • You can insulate your pets' shelter with straw, cedar shavings or blankets.
  • The entrance should face away from the wind and is covered with a heavy plastic or waterproof fabric. 

Food and water

  •  During the cold, your pets will need some extra food and water because staying warm takes a lot of energy out of them. 

Extra protection  

  • Don't forget to protect your pets' paws, chemicals used to melt ice and snow can harm their feet. 
  •     Using paw boots or just wiping their paws after a walk will help prevent irritation. 
  • Don't lock your pets in your car. Cars can act like refrigerators and it can get dangerously cold for your pet

During winter weather stray animals are also looking for somewhere warm. Whenever you're leaving your home, check your car for any stray furry friends. Animals tend to cuddle up to next to your warm engine trying to get out of the cold. 

If you have the room, animal shelters across Central Texas are asking for fosters during the winter weather

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