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'Kenny' was found roaming around outside the tv station | Forgotten Friends

He is very friendly and was obviously someone's pet that was either abandoned or got lost.


We just got the news that Kenny has been accepted into the Austin Pets Alive Leukemia Program.

"Historically, cats with this virus are euthanized upon diagnosis; but here at APA!, we know that FeLV+ cats live normal, happy lives; and though their lifespan has the potential to be shorter, we believe they deserve to live," says APA!

What this means for Kenny is that he will be in a habitat with water fountains, trees and lots of other kitties to play with who are all positive for the virus.

He makes the trip to Austin on Wednesday, thanks to a volunteer with Footbridge Foundation, who will be driving him there.

If you are interested in adopting Kenny into your home, please contact Austin Pets Alive.  

APA!'s FeLV+ cat adoption fees are waived and the APA! Medical Triage and Wellness Clinic will provide treatment for illnesses related to their FeLV+ status for the lifetime of the kitty.


Original story

Our "Forgotten Friends" series showcases a dog or cat each week that has spent a lengthy time at an area shelter, just waiting for someone to notice them and bring them home to love.

Meet Kenny, aka Grey, a friendly feline found right outside of the KENS tv station a few months ago. 

We believe that Kenny was either abandoned by his owner or maybe has gotten lost and can't find his way back home, because he's been here for a while.

One of our photographers, Jeffery Johnsey has been feeding him and giving him a lot of attention and love. Jeffery had been calling him Grey, after the movie Greystoke: The Legend of Trazan, Lord of the Apes.

Then last week, Wendy Black, Founder & President of Footbridge Foundation was here at the station as a guest for Great Day SA and saw him outside.

She decided to scoop him up and take him to be neutered, to help with the overpopulation of pets in San Antonio.

After being examined by a veterinarian, it was discovered that Grey, who she decided to rename 'Kenny', since he was found at KENS, had already been neutered. 

"We think he was probably neutered later in life because he still has a sack, which makes him look like he hasn't been altered, but what is inside is definitely gone," said Wendy.

Footbridge Foundation gave him a rabies vaccination and checked him for a microchip, but sadly he didn't have one.

Wendy said he is just so sweet and loving, and does really great indoors. She was going to bring him back, but then decided he was just so nice and friendly, she didn't want for him to be abandoned outside for a second time, so she is hanging on to him while a home can be found. She was worried that something bad would happen to him outdoors.

The very next day, we received a text from Wendy telling us that Kenny's lymph nodes were swollen, so they decided to run a test for FIV and feline leukemia and said they would keep us posted.

Sadly, Kenny tested positive for both.

"It's good we got him off of the street because he could infect other cats," said Wendy. "He's so sweet, this is the worst! I literally just found out, so we are going to keep him in our office while we look for a home for him. His lymph nodes were swollen, so I just knew it!"

But Kenny's diagnosis doesn't mean an automatic death sentence. He could live for a few years, or maybe not long at all.

Both feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) are retroviruses. Unlike some forms of virus that infect cells and then kill them, retroviruses actually alter the genetic material of the infected cell and turn cells into little virus factories. This process takes time, so in both cases cats may be infected for many years before becoming clinically ill.

There is no cure for either one.

For more information about FIV and feline leukemia CLICK HERE.

Kenny's health will need to be monitored by a veterinarian and it's important to keep him inside as a solo pet, or if you have a second cat that is already positive, he can be a companion pet for that kitty.

Meanwhile, Kenny is going to remain at the office of Footbridge Foundation while we look for the perfect home for this loving kitty.

Do you want to bring Kenny home with you? You can contact the folks at Footbridge Foundation by CLICKING HERE.

The adoption fees for cats is $100 and dogs $250. Adoption donations do not cover the cost to prepare an adoptable pet for adoption, in most cases much more is spent. Which is why all rescue depend on fundraising to make up the difference and always welcome donations.

CLICK HERE to donate to Footbridge Foundation.

Once the rescue receives your application, it is reviewed and then you will be contacted for a meet and greet. Adoptions are not finalized until an adoption contract is signed. You can always email to follow up: info@footbridgefoundation.org

Each animal is spayed/neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested & treated if necessary for dogs, snap tested for FIV & Feline Leukemia for cats, vaccinated as per their age, tested & treated as needed for internal & external parasites, and current on flea & heartworm preventative. Medical records will be provided upon finalizing your pets' adoption, you will need a tag with your phone number and a collar and leash for dogs/carrier for cats at this time. You are expected to keep your new pet on flea and heartworm preventatives as well as complete any outstanding necessary vaccinations. 

In order to be considered as an adopter, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Consent from all adults living in your household
  • All pets currently residing in the household must be spayed or neutered, current on vaccines and preventatives

If you aren't quite ready to adopt a cat or a dog at this time, but would still like to help in saving animals, donations of both supplies and money are always needed and welcomed. 

The rescue has an Amazon Wishlist, if you'd like to help feed the cats or dogs they are saving.

Another way you can help is by becoming a foster or a volunteer. CLICK HERE for the application.

Footbridge Foundation also has an adoption event coming up at the Shrine Auditorium on November 5.

  • Saturday, November 5, 2022
  • 11:00 AM  5:00 PM
  • San Antonio Shrine Auditorium (map)

The rescue will be out at the Rescues United Adoption Event with a lot of their pups and cats ready to be adopted!

Remember when you adopt a shelter pet, you save two lives... the one you bring home with you and the one that now will be saved because the shelter has more room.

If you know of a Forgotten Friend that has been overlooked and is still looking for a "furr-ever" home, contact Andrea at acarden@kens5.com.

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