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Exy got adopted Sunday | Forgotten Friends

A KENS 5 viewer who saw his story swooped in to bring Exy home.


We love starting out the week with happy news! Exy, the Rottweiler mix who had been waiting for someone to love him for almost a year, was adopted on Sunday!

A KENS 5 viewer who saw his story swooped in to bring Exy home with him. 

Credit: CLASS
Exy was adopted
Credit: CLASS
Exy was adopted
Credit: CLASS
Exy was adopted



Sadly. the excellent news we shared last week has taken a turn for the worse. Last Sunday, when his story aired on KENS 5, a viewer who had watched the news went to the shelter to get him and take him on a 7-day trial basis.

She told CLASS that she usually doesn't watch tv news, but for some reason she did on Sunday and saw Exy's story and knew she wanted to give him a home. The new owner had told CLASS it would be permanent, but then she took him to get neutered and it was discovered that he is heartworm positive. She left him at the vet saying "she just couldn't deal with it." CLASS picked him up and he is once again waiting for someone to love him... uncondtionally.

"A diagnosis of heartworm disease is not a death sentence, although for reasons not always understood, for some heartworm-positive dogs, the disease is fatal," according to PetMD. "Heartworm-positive dogs often go unnoticed or unwanted in the shelter, for no other reason than the stigma that they are either extremely sick or have behavior problems. In reality, they typically make great companions and can have a relatively normal quality of life if the condition is treated and managed appropriately." 

CLICK HERE to read more about what it means for a dog to be heartworm-positive.

Credit: CLASS
Exy is now named Zeus and in a loving home


Our "Forgotten Friends" series showcases a dog or cat each week that has spent a lengthy time at an area shelter, just waiting for someone to notice them and bring them home to love.

It's a new year and we have a new pet to tell you about this week from the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society (CLASS).

Exxon, aka Exy, is a medium-sized Rottweiler mix who is an older gentleman that was brought to the shelter a little over 11 months ago.

He was found with an injured back leg at a nearby Exxon station, thus the name Exy. He is very gentle and walks well on a leash. In fact, he adores it when someone takes him out for a walk. And humans make him happy, causing him to hop and dance around when he first sees people every morning. 

He is crate-trained and housebroken. And he loves snacktime!

His rear leg may be hurt, but the veterinarian doesn't believe he needs any additional surgery or amputation. He just doesn't like to put any weight on it.

He is not in any pain and gets around just fine despite the injury.

Exy gets along great with other dogs, but you would need to bring your own just to be sure they get along before adopting. He never barks at any of the other dogs at the shelter. 

And believe it or not, Exy loves cats.

He is very sweet and would make someone an excellent companion.

"It takes him a little time to warm up to new people," said Cassie, a shelter staff member. "But once he does, he's your best friend.

If you'd like to give Exy a home, please contact the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society. To fill out an application, visit their website here.

Visit CLASS at 2170 Old Sattler Rd. in Canyon Lake Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. They are also open by appointment on other days. Call them at (830) 899-2527.

If you're not ready to adopt but want to make a difference, visit their website by CLICKING HERE.

You can also order from their Amazon wish list CLICK HERE.

Or even make a cash donation using their Pay Pal link CLICK HERE.

They always need help with food supplies, and could really use your support.

Follow them on Facebook @CLASS.Canyonlake.2013 and on Instagram.

Remember: When you adopt a shelter pet, you save two lives... the one you bring home with you and the one that now will be saved because the shelter has more room.

If you know of a Forgotten Friend that has been overlooked and is still looking for a "furr-ever" home, contact Andrea at acarden@kens5.com.

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