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Certified former personal trainer switches gears, creates workouts for dogs

There are no lazy paws around here, with PetFitness you and your dog have the opportunity to improve balance, endurance, flexibility and more for your dog.

SAN ANTONIO — We care deeply about our furry friends, but sometimes just don't have time to take them on a full walk or get that full workout in. That's when one man decided things needed to change.

Richie Allen, founder of PetFitness started out as being an advocate for human fitness, but when he was walking his dog one day, he said a different idea popped into his head.

"One day I was walking outside and it just hit me like why isn't there a pet fitness brand," Allen said. From there he got the ball rolling on trying to change that.

With Allen having his own personal training business and being a certified personal trainer, he decided to switch gears and slowly get rid of his clients so he could focus his efforts on trying to find a way for pets to get their fitness in. 

"My goal is in a couple of years to be one of the bigger brands out there... with Petco or Chewy," Allen said. 

Allen said five percent of sale proceeds will go to one of three different dog charities of the customer's choice while also benefiting dog health.

"Most importantly, we're getting dogs fit and healthier and keeps you having a better relationship with your pet for longer," Allen said.

So, how does PetFitness work? 

You start off by purchasing the membership which is a one time purchase of $97. You're then taken to an e-book where you can learn about the benefits of pet exercise for over 200 dogs along with what equipment you may need for your dog. Yes, even goldendoodles!

There are also different categories for the dogs. Let's say you have a sporting dog ---you would click on the portion of the e-book for sporting dogs or whatever type of dog you have. 

"For example, if you have a Labrador retriever, they're a sporting dog [and] you know their back and you know their fitness,' Allen explained.

Credit: Pet Fitness

After learning more about the different workouts, you then choose which dog you have from the different breeds. For example, if you have a Jack Russell Terrier, you would click on that dog and and be taken to a page where there are specific exercises for your dog.

Credit: Pet Fitness

After making your selection, you can then choose your workouts based on what your day looks like. 

Is it a rainy or cold day outside? There are workouts provided if you can't go outside. Or maybe you're too busy, there is a quick dog workout for your pet to burn off some quick steam. If you do have the time to get your pet a full workout, the 'Ready to Commit' option has a full length workout.

Here's an example of an easy workout if you don't feel like going outside:

Every breed has personalized workouts based on your commitment level. 

Beyond that, there are different types exercises for strength, balance and flexibility, endurance and brain games which are a way to challenge your dog mentally. 

In addition to workouts, you can learn more about our canine friends, pet facts and the different pillars of fitness. The website was launched on Jan. 1, 2022. You can learn more about PetFitness here.

If you don't have a dog but have the love to give, you can visit any of the animal shelters in San Antonio and find your furry friend. Here's this week's Pet of the Week, Mochi! 


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