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'We need help' | Owner of Folklores Coffee House in serious car crash

Tatu Herrera is a well-known coffee shop owner in the San Antonio area. He's made headlines giving back to the community.

SAN ANTONIO — The owner of Folklores Coffee House was in a car crash, and his wife released a statement on Instagram saying "he needs a little love and we need help."

Tatu Herrera is a well-known coffee shop owner in the San Antonio area. KENS 5 has interviewed him multiple times, ranging from a feature on Everything 210 to their work for Military Appreciation Day. We also interviewed Tatu in 2020 when they worked to keep senior citizens from going hungry. 

"For many, our meal is the only one they eat all day. One lady told us she only has a slice of bread with jelly a day," Tatu said. "So we figured, 'Let's buy a lot of produce, put it in bags and they could use that for a couple of days.'"

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Over the weekend, Tatu's wife Emilie posted on the Folklores Instagram page photos of their wrecked vehicle. The crash happened in San Antonio, and the third photo in the thread shows Tatu in the ambulance. It's captioned, "Hey everyone this is Emilie. We were in a car accident today. I'm ok. Tatu is being taken to a hospital. We will keep everyone posted. Please bare with us as we figure out our coffee house hours. Thanks everyone."

Now, a newer post reads, "As most of you know, Tatu and I were in a serious accident. Thankfully, we have medical insurance. But the cost of car replacement, medical deductibles, ambulance ride, and now seeking legal representation has placed us in a tough spot. Tatu runs our day to day operations at Folklores Coffee House and I am sure he has made you a coffee or two. But unfortauntely, [because of] this accident, you might not see him for a few weeks. Praying not that long. Tatu will never ask for anything for himself and he gives so much of himself and the shop to help anyone. Now he heeds a little love and we need help."

The post also details a link to a GoFundMe page, and it lists their Cashapp as well.

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