Jordan Hall was supposed to walk the stage Thursday and graduate with honors from the Academy of Creative Education, but last Tuesday night the teen was shot in an apparent random attack on Northeast Loop 410 near Harry Wurzbach.

Jordan's mom, Catrina Hall, is determined to see her daughter recover, and to see justice.

Hall accepted a diploma on her daughter’s behalf, walking the stage with young graduates who have all overcome adversity.

Hall described the apparently unprovoked attack on her daughter as unreal.

“She was struck in the back of the head, and she's now fighting for her life in ICU in BAMC. People are animals. They have no heart. It's terrible,” said Hall, herself a recent graduate from nursing school. “When I received the call, I just lost it. Like, the nurse side of me just completely took over. I had all kinds of things racing through my head. I was devastated.”

Hall noted that her daughter is making incremental progress in her recovery.

“She's awake now, so she's becoming more responsive. She's responding to voice commands now. She stays awake longer,” said Hall, who described her daughter as a tough fighter.

She had a message for the person responsible for the shooting:

“We're here and we're not going away and we want justice.”

Jordan’s cousin, Brittany Bosco, captured lots of pictures to share when the teen is stronger.

"Today was the day that we were supposed to celebrate her, and we still are celebrating her, but she’s just not here physically with us right now," said Bosco, who added that friends have been very supportive of the family. “They've been giving and they've been showing a lot of love and support so we can pay for additional treatments and post-hospital medications and such.”

Hall said that the support from the larger community is greatly appreciated.

“I have received so much support and love from friends and strangers, staff at the hospital. They've been wonderful. There are people praying around the clock, non-stop,” Hall noted.

Bosco said that she hopes her cousin will be on the road to recovery soon.

“My fondest wish for Jordan is that she will come back as the same person,” Bosco said.

Prayers, healing, justice: These are the fondest dreams of this devastated family.

Police say that the gunman is still on the loose. The investigation continues but clues are hard to come by. The initial police report indicated that a dark-colored vehicle might be involved.

Hall said that the incident started when Jordan and a friend accepted a ride home from a shopping trip.

“They got into a car with someone they did not know very well and shortly after they left the mall on 410, another car pulled alongside of them and started shooting,” Hall explained.

Hall added that, at first, the friends didn’t realize what was happening.

“Apparently the shooter had some type of silencer on the weapon because they didn't even know they were being shot at until her friend felt heat sensation on her arm and then she felt glass in her hair, and then the driver pulled over at the bowling alley and he got out of the car and basically left them in there to fend for themselves,” Hall described.

There is a fund at Chase Bank to help the family with expenses. The account number is 3702697070.

Donations can be made via ZELLE, a bank-to-bank transfer app.