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Mockingbird Handprints designs something unique to you | Made in SA

A San Antonio woman has turned her passion into a business that allows her to now help others.

SAN ANTONIO — A home studio in her garage is where Jane Bishop creates. She uses stencils and paints to brighten once plain cloths.

“It is my happy place. I love working from home because it's just casual," Mockingbird Handprints, owner, Jane Bishop said. “I’ve always loved fabrics, my mother sewed growing up. And I heard about the Southwest School of Art and I enrolled in a class to learn how to dye and print on fabric, and I just loved it.”

She moved from the corporate world of retail training to now spending her days spreading out layer after layer of ink.

"I wasn’t into art before but It was something I became obsessed with. I would print on anything and everything," Bishop said. 

Bishop is now as free-flowing as the paint she so precisely spreads.

“Design is so interesting," Bishop said. “That’s one reason I call myself Mockingbird Handprints, because a Mockingbird can mimic so many sounds of other birds that I can do that in my design."

She uses her fiber art to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

“There’s just so much that can be done and it's so intriguing," Bishop said. 

From creating to selling at her storefront, she runs every aspect of her business.

“To work independent and not have anybody over you is a very freeing feeling and I feel very fortunate,” Bishop said. 

It gives her a chance to share that fortune with other artists.

“My mission is to show and promote local San Antonio artists," Bishop said. 

 Alongside her printed fabric, dyed shirts and reupholstered chairs you'll find creations from almost 50 other artists.

"With things opening up again, it's just so important. I think we’ve all learned a lesson to not take anything for granted, and I’m just really excited about what the future holds for local San Antonio artists," Bishop said.

She's a student who has become the teacher once again.


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