A mid-wife who has been unable to work because of chronic neck pain is not only getting the surgery she needs, it's free of charge.

Samantha Pierce says that she’s been delivering babies for more than two years. Her passion is helping women bring new life into the world.

She's delivered more than 100 babies. But chronic neck pain robbed her of what she loves to do.

"I have two discs in my neck that are herniated,” Pierce said. “Over time, worse it’s become, I have trouble feeling fingers."

Samantha Pierce said that her insurance company denied her case, but hope came on Wednesday.

"Without hesitation, the CEO at the South Texas Spine and Surgical Hospital said absolutely," she said.

She's receiving the surgery at no charge. Instead of a traditional fusion operation, she's receiving a new two-level cervical disc replacement procedure called Mobi-C Cervical Disc.

Dr. Frank Kuwamura, M.D., with the South Texas Spine and Surgical Hospital, and the manufacturer. Zimmer Biomet, felt compelled to help a woman who has helped so many others.

"She does an amazing job for our community," Dr. Kuwamara said. "Losing the use of her hands which is important delivering babies.”

But he says that this surgery will give her motion back.

"It's a miracle," Pierce said.