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There's never been a better time to grow your own food. This San Antonio garden wants to help you out.

Exercise, mental stimulation, fresh food...the benefits to having your own garden are endless.

SAN ANTONIO — Gardening is on the minds of many these days, as a way to keep busy, a way to get some exercise and a way to make sure there's always access to a fresh food supply. 

In east San Antonio lies garden where they are giving away food, and teaching people how to grow their own in the process. 

Brian Gordon is the brains and brawn that keeps the dirt turning and the green growing at the Roots of Change garden that is part of the Southwest Workers Union. The garden has been growing for about 12 years at 1416 East Commerce, just east of downtown.

"We've been around for about 12 years and we've been trying to slowly build up the capacity of the garden and this is just going to be a new stage of it," Gordon said. 

Using safety protocols to protect both volunteers and those in need, volunteers are harvesting greens and leaving them on the fence in front of the garden—free for the taking.

But Gordon is growing even more. He recently posted a how-to segment online, giving a tour of his own home garden to teach people how simple it can be.

“I've kind of gotten to a stage on my own home garden where I wanted to present some of the concepts and ideas and techniques that I was using out there," he said.  

Gordon said now is the perfect time for people to learn a new skill as the community is being urged to stay home as much as possible, to help combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

"That's how I've learned, through other people, and I wanted to make sure I continue that cycle, that kind of teaching," Gordon said.

Gordon says anyone can dig in and get growing, at any time.

"The easiest thing is completely get rid of the lawn. I only have a little bit of grass space for my dog in the back but everything else is up for grabs for growing," he said. 

Gordon says he hopes these are lessons that will last a lifetime. In the meantime, the advantage of fresh, locally-sourced food will help nurture better health. 

“I think it's really obtainable. I think anybody can start at any stage and I think the most learning comes from the practice of it," Gordon said. "So just that and learning from failures and successes. If we find something we're really interested in, we'll find a way to connect with it and we'll find it enjoyable to learn those processes." 

Another local gardening group that has posted how-to videos online is Gardopia Gardens, also located in the heart of east San Antonio, and their videos can be found on YouTube.

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