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Windcrest prepares for 60th annual Light Up decoration contest

Residents of Windcrest are putting final touches on their Christmas decorations in preparation for their 60th annual Windcrest Light Up experience.

WINDCREST, Texas — Neighbors are decking the halls for the 60th annual Windcrest Light Up experience. Residents are in the last minute scramble putting final touches on their decorations in order to meet deadlines for the competition. Judges will take a tour through the neighborhoods Tuesday to determine the winners of each creative category assigned.

"We have new categories this year such as 'The Griswold Christmas,' 'The Charlie Browniest Christmas' and Martha Stewart Would Be Proud,'" Light Up Chairman Joan Pedrotti said.

Saturday at 6:00 p.m., the city is open for families to drive through and enjoy all the lights and creative decorations, along with the lighting of the tree in front of Windcrest City Hall.

No one knows Windcrest like the the Women's Club president, Tiny Riggs, who has experienced the past 48 years of Windcrest Light Up events. She left us with one tiny request. "We welcome all the citizens, bring the children, and please let us get in and out of our driveways," she said.

Prepare to be amazed by the hanging lights, blow up characters, nativity scenes, and other engaging attractions. Each street has its own thrills and surprises.