Christmas Day will mark one week since a family of 11 was left homeless after their home caught fire. The Morans lost everything, including most of their Christmas gifts. But, now the family is celebrating thanks to the generosity of a couple of strangers.

Mauricio Sanchez and his girlfriend Emily Fraga just met the family on Saturday.

"If we are able to give back to people, I mean, that brings me a lot of joy to do that," Emily said.

Two months ago, Sanchez, with the help of his girlfriend, started a toy drive for kids at the Ronald McDonald House.

"We dropped a lot of the toys there, but there weren't too many families staying there," she said.

They had several extra toys, so they decided to give them to a family in need. Emily's sister told them about the Moran family.

"This is our first year actually doing this toy drive, and to actually connect with Veronica Moran and her family, it was good,” Mauricio said. “It was a warm experience for Christmas."

The Moran's home caught fire on Monday. Luckily, the family wasn't home during the fire. Nayeli Moran said that the family had lost all of their clothes.

"Some of it wasn't even in the fire, we just couldn't take anything," Nayeli said.

The family is now living with a relative. Sanchez and his girlfriend surprised the family with the extra toys from the drive this weekend.

Moran said that it means so much to them, especially for her younger siblings.

"It is crazy," Nayeli said. "You don't expect someone you don't know to come and actually, and bring us stuff. But yes, it's nice."

If you would like to help the Moran family, they've set up a GoFundMe page where you can donate here.