There are some occupations that don't stop because it's Christmas Day, and that includes plumbers, who often help save holiday party catastrophes.

KENS 5 talked to Roger Morin, a plumber at Will's All Pro Plumbing & Air Conditioning, who's been working non-stop this weekend. He started responding to homes at 8 a.m. Saturday and worked until 2:30 a.m. Christmas Day.

"I started from Live Oak to Boerne to San Antonio, back to New Braunfels, back to Live Oak," Morin described. "I love what I do. It might be a nasty job but you have to find compassion in what you do. And I do."

He said that in eight out of the 15 years as a plumber, he's worked on Christmas Day. This weekend, he helped fix a lot of drainage issues with kitchen sinks and sewer lines.

"I look at what the problem is and I try to give them a solution to their problem so they can have fun with their families and stuff," Morin explained. "I have a wife and three kids, you know, but they know that the work that I do, it's a service. Plumbing doesn't take any days off."

Morin noted that he's okay with that because he rests on the fact that he's helping to save Christmas for many families.

"They expect their families to come to their house, to have everything working,” Morin said. “And obviously, it doesn't work, and we're there to save the day.”