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Twin girl born with 1 lung goes home from Rady Children's Hospital after 6 months

Doctors gave her parents a 20% chance of success, but Charlotte defied the odds.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — A 7-month-old baby girl is going home with her family after spending six months at Rady Children's Hospital.

Baby Charlotte was born with just one lung. However, her identical twin sister, Olivia, was born without any complications. Charlotte underwent a complicated and rare surgery to widen and shorten her windpipe.

Doctors gave her parents a 20% chance of success, but Charlotte defied the odds. 

"I'm so grateful. I'm so amazed by her," said Charlotte's mom, Karla Valliere. "I'm so thankful for the medical team at Rady's. I'm so proud, I just love her so much."

"It's just hard to believe. We've been through six months of constant ups and downs. It was hard," said Charlotte's dad, Joshua Valliere.

The couple was shocked when they discovered at 20 weeks, they were going to have twins. They had been expecting one little girl. Two was a surprise.

"When [the doctor] said there was two I was like 'How sure are you? Is there a percentage of where you're not sure?' She's like 'No, I'm 100% sure'," said Joshua.

Then the couple was told the second baby was going to be born with health issues.

"I really do expect [Charlotte] to live a strong, full life," said Dr. Matthew Brigger of Rady's. He performed the surgery.

"She may not be a marathon runner, although Charlotte's amazing. I would not be surprised if she does it."

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