A Samuel Clemens High School teacher has a new way of seeing things in life, and it is all thanks to a group of his students. They recorded their heartwarming act of kindness that has changed the Physics teacher's life forever.

Roger Alcala is part of Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD. He loves science and his students. And his students like Piper Smith love him.

"As a teacher, he enjoys his job," she said. "And he enjoys teaching."

And, it was one day in class the students picked up on something about their beloved Physics instructor.

"We have red and green markers, and we were drawing graphs, and he was like with this marker..." she began. "And we were like, 'that one is green, you already used green for the last one.'"

Alcala confessed to his students he's colorblind.

"So we were like, 'no way,'" Smith said. "Because you don't really hear about a whole lot of colorblind people."

All his life, he hasn't been able to see the colors red and green.

"My eyes and brain can't tell the difference, sometimes depending on the hue," he said.

Smith and the other students had a vision to do something big for their favorite teacher. The students raised $400 to buy him special glasses that allow him to see the colors he never could. They recorded the special moment. Smith posted it on her Twitter page and it went viral.

"Sometimes if you put red next to green, they look like the same color," Alcala said. "So, when I put these glasses on it breaks up the wavelength so I can separate these two colors. And I see them how you see them. And that's the miracle. It happens instantly. It is all physics and science, because I am teaching them the physics, and they're giving it back making my life better."

One of the first things he saw was the bright colored shirts the students wore the day they gave him the glasses. He was also able to truly see his own kid's artwork he has on his desk.

"They just made such an impact on my life," he said. "Man, I love them."