SAN ANTONIO — It's often said that you're only as old as you feel. Lois Elson is certainly proving that to be true. 

Elson was surrounded by friends, family, and most notably, her husband of 77 years, Dean as she turned 100 years old. 

If there was any doubt that humor or spunk fades with age, Lois is living proof that's not the case. 

"It's my birthday yes, and I am a hundred, but... I would've been happy to go at 70," Lois laughed. 

The love for the Elson family matriarch was palpable as the centenarian worked the room, walking from table to table and chatting with friends and family.

"I am so excited that I have people here--- some I haven't seen in a long, long time." 

As Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and other legends crooned from a speaker in the back of the room, Lois's daughter went through a slide show of photos showcasing the many memories Lois and Dean have made during their time together. 

"We met in high school... My friend told me you gotta look at this guy...and we went over where he was in class, I think it was a French class or something and I went 'Oh yeah. He's cute.'"

When asked what made her fall in love with him, Lois joked, "His mother let him have the car." 

After the two married, Dean served as a pilot in World War II.

"He was in the Pacific [Ocean] theater, told me stories about his combat missions, even got shot down once over in Burma," the couple's great-grandson Brayden Brown shared. 

Brayden, who recently earned his pilot's license last October, is attending school at Central Washington University where he is studying to further his progress. He credits his great-grandfather's stories as the motivating factor behind his decision to pursue a similar path. 

As for how Brayden's great-grandparents have made it through their 77 years together, his great-grandmother points back to what she calls "the keystone" in their lives. 

"Faith... without faith, I couldn't make it. We couldn't make it. We couldn't have made it."