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School custodian receives 'kindness letters' from students

Mr. Mike always treats students with kindness, and two students found a way to give the kindness back.

CIBOLO, Texas — Michael Carson, known as Mr. Mike, has worked at J. Frank Dobie Junior High School for 17 years. His favorite part of the job is being around the students, talking and kidding around with them. 

As Mr. Mike says: "They're all good kids."

Even though he's not a teacher, Mr. Mike is always ready to offer a listening ear or life advice if someone seeks it out. 

"Sometimes they'll get serious with you and they want you to give them serious answers. Other times, they just want you to kid around with them," he says.

Johanna Madrigal and Izzy Gauna, both in the eighth-grade, are two of the students who Mr. Mike has impacted with his presence and kindness. 

"He always comes with a smile. That's always nice and warms our hearts," says Izzy. 

Credit: Mat Gaskins
Mr. Mike talks with Johanna Madrigal and Izzy Guana

Johanna and Izzy saw that Mr. Mike didn't always get all the appreciation he deserves, and when a teacher tasked them with writing "kindness letters" to someone, the custodian immediately came to mind.

"Dear Mr. Mike," begins Johanna's letters, "You are the most sweetest person I have ever meant. Thank you so much for always being by everybody's side when they need you. I really appreciate everything that you do for me and the other kids. I love you so much."

Credit: Mat Gaskins

"It means so much," Mr. Mike says of the letters. "It makes your job a little easier when people appreciate what you do for them."

Johanna and Izzy are two students teaching a lesson anyone can learn from on the importance of kindness. Izzy puts it best: "The simplest little words can have the largest impact on people and maybe even leave a print on their heart."

Credit: Mat Gaskins
Michael Carson, or Mr. Mike, cleans after the lunch rush.

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