SAN ANTONIO — In November of last year, 3-year-old Harrison Nicholl decided he wanted to do something different for his birthday.

Rather than a long list of gifts, he asked for donations to the Children's Rehabilitation Center TeletonUSA (CRIT). 

Harrison has cerebral palsy and paralysis on his right side. He goes to CRIT weekly for physical therapy. 

A few months ago, Harrison started using a new device called the Bioness L300. The device sends an electrical signal to his muscles, making it easier for him to lift his foot and toes so he doesn't trip while he walks.

"We saw huge, instantaneous changes in his walk, in his gait, in his movement pattern—which was so exciting," said Lacey, Harrison's mom.

Lacey said the device isn't covered by insurance. They had to pay $50,000 for the tiny piece of technology. Lacey said Harrison wanted to help CRIT get one so other children could benefit from the technology. 

"We wanted to do something for others," Nicholls said. "We told him there would still be a big big party, lots of cake, and his friends will be there and he was on board!"

Josh Miller, a representative with Bioness, said they were able to bring down the cost of the device package to $23,000 since it would be going to a good cause.

"Harrison softened us up a little bit," Miller said. "Ultimately, it would be good for San Antonio. We want them to have access to this technology. CRIT would be the only pediatric facility to have our technology, so that's important to us as well." 

Lacey said they started a fundraiser to collect the money. They were close to their goal, but came up a few thousand dollars short.

On Thursday, HEB made Harrison's birthday wish come true. They presented a check to CRIT for $10,000. They plan to have the Bioness L300 available for physical therapy sessions starting next week. 

SAN ANTONIO - Harrison Nicholl is going after his goals, and making a few along the way. On Tuesday, the 3-year-old met up with his physical therapist, Jose Ponce, for one of their weekly sessions at the Children's Rehabilitation Center TeletonUSA (CRIT). "I have just as much fun as he does," Ponce said.