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Gas station manager goes extra mile to help customers with weak immune systems

During the coronavirus outbreak, the manager at the Shell station on Medical Drive started offering curbside service to those with weaker immune systems.

SAN ANTONIO — Before seeing their doctor, some patients make a quick stop at the Shell gas station on Medical Drive. 

Manager Laura Adams said several of her customers are in and out of the hospital, going in for heart check-ups, dialysis and chemotherapy.

During the coronavirus outbreak, she started offering curbside service to those with weaker immune systems.

"I don't want them catching it," Adams said. "Just give us a call and we'll come out to your car."

Adams will pump their gas, bring them snacks and anything else they may need.

"They appreciate it so much," Adams said. "It's one less stop you have to make and get out and surround yourself with other people."

Adams has a soft spot for her customers since she's known many of them for several years. She also thinks of her mother, who she lost in her fight against cancer a few years ago.

"She had died from pneumonia from going through chemotherapy," Adams said. "Their immune systems are weak, it doesn't take much for them to catch something."

Now Adams goes the extra mile for people in similar situations by taking a few extra steps each shift. She also makes it a point to clean the credit cards and money she touches before handing it back to the customer.  

"It makes me happy and I'm proud to do it for them," Adams. "I love my customers and they love me."

It's her way of answering the call to protect her community.

"All it takes is one person," Adams said. "Do your part to help the world, that's all you got to do."

Adams has trained her entire staff to offer this service. She's also placed notes with their phone number on each gas pump. She encourages anyone who may feel unsafe getting out of their car to call them for assistance.

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