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Fred Astaire Dance Studios helping battle breast cancer

People battling breast cancer don't always have a reason to get up and dance with joy, but a local dance chain is changing that.

SAN ANTONIO — Kaylee Fazio is an advanced dance instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. "It's a family trade and I started with my grandfather, and then my mother took over and she taught me, and I've been in love with it forever," she said.

Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when Fazio was only six years old. "At the time, I had no idea what that was," she said. "I just saw my mom crying, and then I got rushed off to dance class."

She said dancing was an escape for them both. "Going through it and seeing how cancer affected my mom, it was a way for me to go through and kind of go away and escape for a little while, but it was also really cool because I could see how happy she was after she came and watched me dance," Fazio said.

Fred Astaire is holding a fundraiser during the month of October. For just $1, anyone can get an introductory lesson, and for $10, an introductory program, including a group class and one party. Every dollar raised in October goes to the Breast Cancer Charities of America. 

Instructors and students alike are thrilled to be a part of it. Student Ed Bierschenk told us, "I love any organization that reaches out and distributes part of their success or passes along part of their success to the community."

Sydney Burbach, one of their dance instructors said, "We get to see the shift of them actually enjoying life and not worrying about, 'what do I have to do later,' or 'oh, this doctor appointment here.' They just get to have fun and enjoy the moment."

Student Richard Hill told us, "I think there's a way we can defeat this and people don't have to deal with this anymore." 

Fazio added, "Everyone is welcome to come in and get into the giving spirit and help out all these wonderful women who are fighting."

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