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'We're living our dreams' | Meet the food truck owner who started a health on wheels business, honoring his sister

Five months after Andrew Mora's sister passed away, El Juice Bar became what it is today in her memory.

SAN ANTONIO — With the Texas temperatures on the rise, one local food truck is choppin’ up fresh fruit and veggies and juicin’ them with love for the community.

"We want you to try and understand we’re just an option, but a great option for anybody that is looking for an alternative to get something healthy on the go. And just knowing that everything is made in the truck right when you walk in," said El Juice Bar Owner Andrew Mora.

Mora started his health on wheels food truck serving up acai bowls, protein shakes and juice in 2018. It's something he did to honor his sister.

"About three years ago before I opened my business, my sister was diagnosed with cancer -- Patricia Galaxie Mora -- so prior to me opening my business, all I could really do was pray for her and introduce her to some health and wellness products. I would make juice blends for her," said Mora.

Five months after she passed away, El Juice Bar became what it is today -- a food truck that goes around the SA area, and soon up to Austin and down to the coast. 

"You know, my Heavenly Father blessed me. He gave me an opportunity to serve the community and also serve him," said Mora.

And serving the community has gotten him national attention. You may recognize him from a Square commercial. An experience he said was life-changing.

"I was just very humble and grateful that I was picked. But, at the same time, I wish everybody could have had the exposure that I did because it’s all about helping the community and the community helping small businesses," said Mora.

So, getting to see what his menu items are about, we tried an acai bowl topped with things like mango, honey, and granola.

Credit: KENS 5

We also sampled a chocolate banana protein shake with 25 grams of protein. 

Credit: KENS 5

But one of his most popular juices has an Alamo City flare to it.

Credit: KENS 5

"Growing up, we were all drinking Aguas Frescas. My thing is just to kind of put a twist on the juice blends -- cutting up the watermelon, sandia, and throwing it in there as you drink it, but also having said that Mexico flare," said Mora.

And when we asked Mora about what locals helping locals means to him, he said, "Just continue to support your local businesses and small ones. And it's tough being out here, but it's very rewarding because we're living our dreams."

For more information about El Juice Bar and where you can find them, click here. You can also view their May schedule below:

Credit: El Juice Bar

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