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Thanksgiving in Texas: What’s the most popular side-dish?

With less than a week until Turkey Day, we take a look at the most popular side in every state.

SAN ANTONIO — Thanksgiving is just days away and food is on the brain for many. While the turkey is often considered the main course of the holiday, some would argue that side dishes are just as important. 

So ahead of the big day, Zippia, The Career Expert, did an analysis of the most popular Thanksgiving sides in every state.

According to their analysis which involved the use of Google Trends and a close examination of more than 20 classic Thanksgiving dishes, green bean casserole turned out to be the winner in Texas. Other states that preferred the creamy dish included Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Ohio, and Nebraska.

Top favorites of other states included mashed potatoes, rolls/biscuits, dressing/stuffing, and mac and cheese. 

Meanwhile, Maine preferred side salads to the more carb-heavy sides.  

For a more complete analysis, you can check out the full report here.  

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