At downtown's Con Safos, creativity is on the menu!

The food truck and bar's signature dish is their pan dulce burger. Sous-chef Guillermo Mendez describes it as a "messed up Monte Cristo, but in a good way!"

"We do a concha, we do this beef and pork patty mix with a brie cheese mornay, a hot strawberry jam, and bacon," Mendez says.

Their chorizo fried rice is not just a flavorful world tour. Their China-meets-Mexico dish packs the nutrients for a big bite of healthy.

"We use a sprouted gaba rice," Mendez says. "It's like a short grain brown rice the been sprouted for health benefits but also to give it a nice bouncy, almost al dente texture."

There are vegan options available as well, such as the "Wheacharrones," a no-meat take on a chicharron.

"It's kind of like a wheat durum cracker that we puff in a fryer. It has the texture of a pork rind ,but it's completely vegan," says Mendez. That's covered in an avocado mousse and served with fresh peppers and greens.

For sides, Con Safos serves up fries or tots, both of which are covered with a spicy Peruvian red pepper.

The bar area serves Texas-made beer and hand-crafted cocktails.

Mendez says they want to make something that appeals to all San Antonio residents as well as the tourist crowd San Antonio attracts.

For location and hours, as well as the full menu, visit their website.