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Celebrate the Olympics with a 'Shot for the Gold'

A popular San Antonio restaurant is helping their guests support the games with a drink that looks like no other.

SAN ANTONIO — With the Tokyo Olympics underway, a local restaurant is showing off its support on and off the TV screen. 

"We're out here celebrating the Olympics, doing our best to show our pride for America," said Rustic Bar Manager Emily Isenberg. "So we made a shot for the gold, which has edible gold, Hornitos tequila in it, (along with) pineapple juice, a little bit of tabasco and orange juice."

Given the Olympic Games only come around every few years, the event gives the establishment some creative initiative. 

"It only comes around once every four years—with COVID we're lucky we're even getting one this year," said Dylan Sams, a bartender at Rustic. "So whenever they brought it up, I thought it was really cool. It was a really great idea."

At the Rustic, guests will have the opportunity to watch the games while sipping or throwing back a drink that looks like no other. It's got them buzzing. 

"Well, we saw her with the bottle and we asked her, 'What is that?'" said one guest, Natalie Alaniz. "And then she explained to us what the shot was and the purpose of it, and we said, 'We'll take one.'"

"I was excited," added Rolando Pacheco, another visitor. "I said, 'Bring it on, let's go, let's drink it.'"

"It's cool because the swirl doesn't stop. I feel like, in a way, it represents the discipline it takes to be a gold medal athlete—the commitment it takes and the heart you have to have to make it to that stage and that level of competition," Sams said. 

The Rustic is offering the "Shot for the Gold" on its menu until this year's Olympics conclude.