SAN ANTONIO -- The Original San Antonio Hot Dog House is expanding its food selection. Yes, hot dogs will continue to rule the roost at its two locations in the Alamo City. Now, the business added breakfast and brunch to the menu.

What? Breakfast and brunch at a hot dog house? Explanation please.

"Breakfast and brunch pairing. It's kind of our slider, if you will," Brandon Pugel said.

Pugel and his father John opened their first location at 1218 W. Bitters Rd in December 2012. They branched out to 3502 N. St. Mary's St. a year and half ago. The goal was to throw San Antonio a hot one across the plate with the best hot dogs in the city.

"We kind of wanted to differentiate ourselves and kind of throw a curve ball to what's here in San Antonio," he said. "Just do it with gourmet fresh toppings that we do in house, sauces, dressings and all that good stuff."

The breakfast and brunch additions are only available at the St. Mary's location. Breakfast is Monday-Friday 7-10 a.m. Brunch is on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The new offerings begin on Saturday, Dec. 3.

The Pugels partnered with St. Mary's gourmet hot dog notable chef Kris Martinez. Perhaps, you've heard of RockerDogz. Yeah, he's that guy.

"We're pretty much the first to come out and do real gourmet hots with the ingredients not being your traditional all American ingredients," Martinez said.

He used flavors like Thai, Italian and reductions on his wonderfully presented hot dogs. Martinez catered to music groups and large events with other foods. His hot dog stand on the strip became popular in 2012. By 2016, popularity got bumped for problematic.

"I was ready to sell the cart, to be honest with you, and try something different,"' he said.

On social media is where the Pugels heard about RockerDogz possible finish. Both sides decided to meet. Breakfast and brunch at the Original San Antonio Hot Dog House was born.

"To be honest, chef Kris Martinez has really opened our eyes about some different things," Pugel said.

Martinez got a chance to get back in the kitchen.

"I am just totally tired of working off the street levee, and I just missed working in the kitchen," he said.

The guy with the red rimmed hot dog cart who loves rock-n-roll, gourmet food and skateboards has a new challenge: Help cook up success!

The new breakfast menu offers breakfast tacos, of course. The restaurant lists bacon and egg, potato and egg, carne guisada and weenie and egg tacos.

Also available are sausage gravy and buttermilk biscuits.

Neighborhood Eats got the chance to sample three other items starting with the chicken and waffle. It's sizable fried chicken breast drizzled in a strawberry chipotle sauce, maple syrup, hot sauce covering a a waffle with a sprinkle of powdered sugar garnished with mint. Que Rico!

The croque madame was magnifique! Picture grilled ham and cheese on a flaky croissant coated in a poblano bechamel sauce. Oh, there's a fried egg to crown the sandwich.

Lastly, they've amped up the Pugel's corned beef and hash. The meat has a hint of smoke. Seared potatoes sit graciously under a fried egg waiting for a fork and appetite. Que Rico!