At Monster Burgers, one of the south side's most notable burger restaurants, they do the monster mash with their food.

The Kreuger pizza burger, for instance, combines two of owner Juan Trevino's favorite foods.

The Chamuko burger is slathered in hot Cheetos and three kinds of nacho cheeses.

Ever had a burger for breakfast? The first meal of the day is served three ways at Monster Burgers.

Muffins, pancakes, and even donuts make the buns for their breakfast burgers.

The fries at Monster Burgers are just as wild, topped with everything from hot Cheetos, jalapenos, and even pizza toppings.

Trevino emphasizes there's plenty of healthy options available as well, from grilled chicken wraps to salads.

Trevino says the best part about the restaurant is hearing all of the cultural connections his customers make with his favorite monsters, such as "la llorona" and "el cucuy."

More information about Monster Burgers can be found on their Facebook page.