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Mini pancakes loaded with toppings served at San Antonio food truck

From tres leches and whipped cream to strawberries and Nutella, there is something for everyone.

SAN ANTONIO — Nutella and caramel on miniature pancakes -- it’s a popular item at a San Antonio business.

They’ve only been around for a couple months, but they want to be the destination for sweets. Hence the name, The Sweet Stop.

They're located at The Farm SA which is on 9599 Braun Road.

"I wanted to bring a new dessert to San Antonio, a new concept, because people are not used to eating pancakes for, you know, dinner or as a dessert," said owner Susuky Rodriguez.

She came up with the idea in the pandemic because of her daughter. "She loves pancakes. She could eat them for dinner, for lunch," Rodriguez said.

She bought a griddle to make her mini pancakes. Then, she started catering to friends and family. And one thing led to another.

"I started making plans of buying a food truck, buying all of those things so that I can start my own business," Rodriguez said. 

So, what options will you find at the business? 

Miniature pancakes with tres leches

Credit: KENS 5

"We made our signature mini pancakes with our tres leches. It comes with the tres leches sauce, whipped cream and strawberries," Rodriguez said. 

Pancakes with Nutella and caramel

Credit: KENS 5

And of course, we had to try the drinks.

The Sweet Mama

Credit: KENS 5

"It has chocolate Abuelita, or Mexican hot chocolate, our handcrafted milk and a little bit of caramel," Rodriguez said. 

And the milk is from a family recipe

"We used to drink that milk since we were little kids. We use that to make our drinks," Rodriguez said. 

It’s used for one of their most colorful items

The Pink Drink

Credit: KENS 5

"That one has our handcrafted milk, strawberries. and of course, the whipped cream," Rodriguez said. 

And social media has been blowing up for them. "People have been messaging me like, 'Where are you located? We want to go out there on the weekend. We can't wait to go!' They're all excited and I'm excited too," Rodriguez said. 

So, if you have a sweet tooth, click here for more information, like their hours and other menu items.

"It's a must coming by this week's stop," Rodriguez said. "It's something that you won't regret."

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