A local restaurant with Philadelphia roots is savoring the Eagles' Super Bowl win earlier this month with savory new specials on their menu.

Youz Guyz Cheesesteaks, located in Universal City on I-35 north just outside San Antonio, has been serving Philadelphia cheesesteaks to Texans for almost 10 years. The owner, James DeLaurentis, says that their hoagies are as authentic as it gets.

“Everything that we use comes from Philadelphia,” DeLaurentis says. “Our bread is made at a bakery in Philadelphia, our meat comes from a packing company in Philadelphia, and we’re from Philadelphia. So you can’t get more authentic than that.”

His love for the Eagles - and all things Philadelphia - is also as authentic as they come. DeLaurentis bleeds green and even sports an Eagles tattoo on his right bicep.

The walls of Youz Guyz are decorated with all things Philadelphia, from "Rocky" posters to sports memorabilia from the Phillies, 76ers, and Eagles. One prized possession is an Eagles jacket worn by legendary Eagles defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan.

Any empty space on the walls has been covered with patches from police units across the country, a reminder of DeLaurentis's time as a police officer in Philadelphia.

"I collected them while I was on the job," DeLaurentis explains. "Different departments I worked with, or different organizations. We just switched patches, that’s where they all came from."

"Philadelphia’s like Rocky – his whole life was a million-to-one shot then one day you wake up a champion."

The restaurant's special "Underdog" cheesesteak celebrates the underdog Eagles' victory in Super Bowl 52 versus the New England Patriots.

"We get a spicy hot dog and we put it on the roll underneath of the cheesesteak," DeLaurentis says. "The spiciness gives the cheesesteak a kick."

The restaurant is also honoring the Eagles by topping some of their cheesesteaks with "Philly green" Cheez Whiz.

"People have been going crazy over it," DeLaurentis says. "A lot of Eagles fans, and a lot of non-Eagles fans who just want to try it."

The specials, he says, aren't going away anytime soon; DeLaurentis plans on celebrating Philadelphia's victory for a long time.

More information about Youz Guyz Cheesesteaks can be found on their website.