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Hot Cheeto mac & cheese served at 'Satisfried' food truck in San Antonio

"I'm very fortunate and honestly very lucky because we've had such a good response. And I think it's just because we're us."

SAN ANTONIO — One food truck in the Alamo City calls itself "Satisfried" for a reason; you guessed it -- they serve fried foods and want to leave you feeling satisfied.

"I wanted to add something different to the food scene here in San Antonio," said owner, chef Ryan Rhys. 

Something different indeed. And the business is getting a lot of traction.

"We do a lot of it, a lot of different versions from just the basics, you know, four cheese mac with your panko topping. Or you can get a little bit of San Antonio and get your Hot Cheetos and Takis crumbs on top with some fried chicken," said Rhys.

Credit: KENS 5

We also got to see their jalapeno stuffed chicken with honey glaze.

Credit: KENS 5

And hand-cut, thrown in the fryer, tossed with tons of cheese and seasonings loaded fries. We even got the breakfast version with egg on top!

Credit: KENS 5

"It has that nice runny egg on there, with chipotle ranch, green onion, bacon, cheese, all that good stuff," said Rhys.

And recently, they sold more than 200 pounds of fries in just one weekend.

"I'm very fortunate and honestly very lucky because we've had such a good response. And I think it's just because we're us. We don't really try to be anything we're not," said Rhys.

And as for their motto, "healthy-ish foods," well, we had to ask about that.

"Healthy is a very broad spectrum word because, you know, you can be healthy with our turkey patty and turkey chili. Or, you can have that healthy portion of mac and cheese that we do with some fried chicken, bacon, all the toppings and all the fun stuff," said Rhys.

And even with the prices for goods rising, it's not stopping them from serving South Texas.

"I think that's why we focus on such fun food and just kind of having that whimsy effect because the rest of the world is stressful right now. And if we can kind of take away from that, then we’re going to," said Rhys.

For all their info like hours, location, catering and full menu, click here. You can normally find them at StreetFare SA on weekends located at 1916 Austin Highway.

"We want to bring people, break their norm, get them out of their box," said Rhys. "Leave them 'Satisfried' every time."

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