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Here are 10 meals you can eat in the San Antonio area for $10

San Antonio has a reputation for good food at good prices. So, we wanted to put that reputation to the test.

SAN ANTONIO — Everything including gas and groceries is more expensive these days. But if there’s one thing that we can really count on and love about the Alamo City, it's that we can get some amazing food at a great rate.

Many people have chosen to move to Texas, and San Antonio in particular, because they love the culture. And a huge piece of the 210's culture is the food we eat.

But, we wanted to find local restaurants that have big portion sizes that don't break the bank.

We set a challenge: Find 10 dishes, each under $10. 

And there are some ground rules: We wanted local businesses. Some are San Antonio classic favorites, but others are smaller, and hidden gems. And, we also want fully hearty meals - no snacks, no sides, no appetizers.

We started off at Susana's Mexican Restaurant and Catering on 2223 South Zarzamora Street, which is a great example of the value you can get in the 210. They have mini taquitos al pastor for $9.99. It's loaded with meat, onions and cilantro on five corn tortillas. It also has lemons to squeeze for an extra kick!

"We live in an area that everybody is thinking, 'Okay, I'm hungry. Where am I going to eat? How much is it going to cost?' And I know that. I have to prepare my menu so we can feed everybody," said head cook Edward Martinez.

Even though they're "mini tacos," it left Lexi feeling full!

Credit: KENS 5

After getting our taco fix, we drove north of downtown to Main Street Pizza & Pasta on 1906 North Main Avenue. They have the personal one-topping pizza with a salad and a drink for $8.99.

"We've done Italian food from the start," said manager Thomas Garza. "We offer these affordable great prices."

Many people rave about their croutons. And after trying it, we see why. But, the pizza remained the best part of the meal.

Credit: KENS 5

Next, we drove to New Braunfels where breakfast for lunch is always appropriate at Union Station Diner, located on 512 East San Antonio Street.

They have the Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast for $9.99. 

Credit: KENS 5

"But, if you're really cost-conscious, for $6.49 you'll be completely filled with three biscuits, a full bowl of gravy with sausage added to it," said owner/manager John Stevens.

"Been here a long time. It's part of the New Braunfels tradition, I suppose," said loyal customer Dan Stanfield. "This is a place that I enjoy coming. Everybody has a preference. This is mine."

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: What you won't see on TV is the entire chicken fried steak breakfast plate made from start to finish. It's so mouth-watering, prepare yourself:

Heading back into town, we went to a San Antonio staple, The Original Donut Shop on 3307 Fredericksburg Road.

"People love our prices, our food, and you can just come and hang out with your family," said cashier Monica Gomez.

As for their prices, we found a Fajita Bowl loaded with vegetables for $8.49. And for that same price, they have an Enchilada Plate.

Credit: KENS 5

As for the other places we visited:

  • Texadelphia, regular-sized cheesesteak: $9.99
  • Rolando's, Super Taco: $6.25
  • Purple Pig BBQ Food Truck, barbecue parfait: $9.00
  • Old Fashioned Sticky Buns, cinnamon bun breakfast sandwich: $8.00
  • Jim's Restaurant, Rustler's Breakfast: $8.99
  • Chunky's Burgers, Island Burger, $9.74

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