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Going to a Super Bowl party? These foods will score you some points

If you’re trying to keep a “healthy eating” new year’s resolution alive, check out these unique options before heading to a Super Bowl party.

We're suiting up, hitting the field and putting healthy versus indulgent foods to the test for your Super Bowl party.

Now, when it comes to keeping a healthy new year resolution alive, it's pretty difficult when you're surrounded by the greasiest, tastiest foods in existence.

I mean, come on. Who's going to say "no" to hot wings and melted queso on top of sea salt tortilla chips?!

So, we got to thinking. How can we bring a similar food that tastes just as good, if not better, with half the calories?

Despite popular belief that high-market newsrooms have makeup artists, hairstylists and nutritionists on-site, that is absolutely wrong (sadly).

So, we did a ton of research and scouted the city for a company that could provide us healthy foods to share on camera. The Good Kind accepted the challenge.

Time the Girl from The Good Kind Southtown made each healthy dish you see below. The wings and nachos are available daily.

Store-bought hot wings vs The Good Kind cauliflower wings

Credit: KENS 5
Credit: KENS 5

The store-bought wings had 630 calories while The Good Kind wings had 300 calories.

Store-bought chorizo, sea-salt nachos vs The Good Kind nachos

Credit: KENS 5
Credit: KENS 5

The store-bought nachos had 1200 calories while The Good Kind nachos had 450 calories.

Store-bought spinach dip vs The Good Kind hummus dip

Credit: KENS 5
Credit: KENS 5

The store-bought dip had 825 calories while The Good Kind hummus dip had 250 calories. 

For more information, visit The Good Kind's website.

The Good Kind Led by The Good Kind Hospitality Group, owned and operated by James Beard Fellow, Tim McDiarmid. Specializing in healthy grab-n-go breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items, plus large and small scale catering. The Good Kind builds on Tim the Girl's vision to provide the San Antonio community with food that is clean, nourishing, sustainable and delicious.

Whatever you choose, we'll let you be the referee of your own Super Bowl party.

And if you're looking to go to a party instead of throw one, The Good Kind Southtown will host a Super Bowl event from 4 to 11 p.m. on 1127 South St. Mary's Street.