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Food truck uses secret recipe rub for its chicken, brisket

They also serve carne guisada tacos and Italian sodas.

SAN ANTONIO — There’s a food truck with carne guisada tacos, peach cobbler and brisket with a secret recipe rub. So, of course, KENS 5 had to come try it all at Luna's BBQ & More.

It started as a family-owned catering business more than 40 years ago. They took that business and expanded to a food truck. But, they said what makes their food unique is their signature recipes.

"A lot of people we hear use salt and pepper. My father in law has his own secret recipe that has gone down each generation. Everybody has tweaked it a little and I think we finally have the final blend," said Co-Owner Julie Luna.

We got to watch them in action, slicing the brisket and seeing it up close in all its juiciness.

Credit: KENS 5

"We have our small family special, which is brisket, chicken, sausage, two sides, of course, all the condiments, trimmings and tea. That'll feed a family of four to six. And right now we have it for $43," said Luna.

And you don’t really hear too much about BBQ joints serving Mexican food. But at Luna's, that’s what you’ll find.

Credit: KENS 5

"When somebody comes and orders carne guisada, it's like they don't know what to expect. They bite into it and the meat is extremely tender with the homemade sauce. We have people coming just for carne guisada tacos sometimes," said Luna.

And if you have a sweet tooth, well, we showed ya that cobbler. But there’s another thing they wanted us to try.

Credit: KENS 5

"We have a Mississippi mud pudding, which is my version of a Mississippi mud pie with brownie pieces, chocolate pudding and a whipped cream topping with brownies and pecans on top," said Luna.

As much fun as we had, Julie told us, it hasn’t been all fun and games at their business because of the pandemic.

"We lost all of our catering events. We had to pay customers back. We completely lost our family income," said Luna.

They’re a family of six, so they said it takes a lot of business to support everyone.

"We're still trying to work our way through it. And we just keep telling ourselves we can do this, we're going to continue this family legacy," said Luna.

She told KENS 5 coming to visit them to buy one thing, knowing you’re supporting a local business that also partners with other local businesses like One Punch Dough for their bread -- that’s what keeps them going.

"We're sitting in the trailer, somebody comes and we've had a slow day, and even if they just buy a gallon of tea, we're in they're going 'Yes, a sale!' because it's it's supporting our family. And I don't know how else to thank them except by saying thank you," said Luna.

For their hours, location and menu, click here.

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