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Texas BBQ at its finest | People have traveled to take a bite of this brisket

When Ron Patterson Junior is not behind the grill, he’s working as a first responder.

SAN ANTONIO — It takes one to know one. So, it's safe to say there are many firefighters who may know their way around a grill. And pit master Ron Patterson Junior would have to agree.

"I look at my food as an art form. Anybody can put a piece of meat on the pit, but it takes a true person that really loves that piece of meat to give it the care it needs," said Patterson.

You can find him at Go'Shen Point BBQ. It's a food truck that moves around the area, but they have their locations posted on their social media.

When Patterson is not behind the grill, he’s working as a first responder.

"As a 'probie' firefighter in the San Antonio Fire Department, you have to cook everywhere you go. I started cooking, found a passion for it," said Patterson.

He said it's his calling to serve the community.

"Being a firefighter, it's customer service; being a servant to people. Same thing here with having a food truck and being a servant to the people who are coming to eat my food," said Patterson.

That food includes juicy brisket. And it takes patience to make. 

Credit: KENS 5

"It takes anywhere from 14 to 16 hours. And the way I kind of gauge that it is I cook an hour per pound," said Patterson.

And then we tried the ribs.

Credit: KENS 5

"I handcraft my rib and those take about six hours to get to that tenderness where you get that beautiful bite off the bone where you can still see your little teeth marks. It's amazing," said Patterson.

If you want BBQ sauce, don't ask for it. Because, they don't have that. Instead, they have "meat enhancer" sauce.

As for sides, we had green bean casserole, creamed corn and brisket cream cheese jalapeno poppers!

Credit: KENS

But the side offered only during holiday season was something that needed to be finished clean -- the sweet potato casserole. 

Credit: KENS

"The reaction I see when people take that first bite -- it's like if you have kids, it's like seeing that firstborn come into this world. You're like, 'Oh my, oh my. I can't believe this is happening,'" said Patterson.

And they said people all across the country have enjoyed their BBQ.

"It's really amazing just to see their eyes light up and they're really excited to taste this food," said Marketing Director Zoey Palma.

But, they also want to give their food to those in need

"We love to give back, especially during the holidays -- families that are in need -- we definitely make sure that we can give them meals and stuff like that. That way, they can provide for their families," said Palma.

After all, they got their truck’s name from the Bible in the Book of Genesis.

"During the famine, the land of Goshen, anything that went there was all thriving. And for me, the symbol was to not let what's happening around me dictate my successes. And so what better name than Go'Shen?" said Patterson.

Click here for their Facebook page.

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