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Edible flowers? Local pastor using artistic ability to create edible artwork

After losing many people close to him, Alfredo Pena used his artistic abilities to create edible artwork that brings smiles to many.

SAN ANTONIO — Have you ever received flowers you could eat? One local bakery is thinking outside of the box when it comes to floral treats.

Alfredo Pena, the owner of Better than Flowers SA is using his artistic ability to create cupcakes that look just like flowers. 

Things weren’t always sweet though, Pena said he got into cupcake decorating after going through significant loss. After the death of several people close to him including his dad, Pena channeled his emotions and expressed his creativity in a new found way.

"I was letting this darkness and this pain come out in a more positive way, right?" Pena said. "So, all of a sudden a cupcake became my palette and a piping bag became my paintbrush, and I started creating art."

Artwork you can eat! In fact, some customers enjoy the artwork so much, they have a hard time using the cupcakes for their intended purpose --- snacks!

"The idea is that it's not just a cupcake, but we try to make it as realistic as possible. I like when people tell me {they} didn't want to eat them because they look so pretty, or we have to tell people it's okay they're not flowers," Pena said. "A lot of people buy them as centerpieces. So, they work as centerpieces and a dessert as well. I literally have to tell people 'that's the desert you can go ahead and eat it.'"

Credit: Better than Flowers SA

And, you can eat them guilt free. Pena really puts time and effort into making sure customers are getting a quality product.

"My flowers are made from scratch, and they're all no preservatives," Pena said. "They're all my recipe as well."

You can find out more about Better than Flowers SA, such as how and where to place an order here.

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