When it comes to Halloween candy there aren’t many people who would turn it down. But when you reach into that bowl to take a piece, it definitely pays to know what you are putting in your mouth.

KENS 5 wanted to help you "eat this, not that" on Halloween.

We took a look at 52 Halloween candies and broke them all down based on how healthy they are when looking at grams of fat, calories and sugar.

For example, a fun size “3 Musketeers” checks in with 65 calories. “Sour Patch Kids” are a bit higher with half of a box being one serving, at 75 calories. At 80 calories, we find a fun size “Twix.” Sitting at the top are “Reese’s Minis” with more than 100 calories for just six small pieces.

if you are looking for a healthier alternative, try “Tootsie Rolls,' which only come in at 12 calories.

For the full list of candy calorie counts, click here.