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Can you handle this spicy Thai food in San Antonio? | Food Truck Frenzy

Golden Lotus is known for their dishes like Ka Pow and Phad Thai. But many daredevils also come to take on the spice.

SAN ANTONIO — Do you think you can take on one of the spiciest peppers ever grown?

"That's probably the biggest compliment as a chef is they say, 'Yes, that is the hottest food I've ever had," said owner/chef Joseph Murray.

He is referring to the Thai Pepper that is used in several Thai dishes at his food truck, Golden Lotus. He and his wife Laura own the business located in The Point Park on 24188 Boerne Stage Road.

"I've actually been in the family restaurant business since 1986. And because of COVID, this gave me an opportunity, with my family's blessing, to do what I always wanted to do which is open up a food truck," said Joseph. 

Their children work with them on occasion. And they said it's taught them great social skills. But it's also brought them together while serving the Alamo City.

"San Antonio has been great to me," said Laura. "It's a place that I value and I want to serve this community because I just love the people in San Antonio."

They’re known for their dishes like Ka Pow and Phad Thai. But many daredevils also come to take on the spice.

Even standing inside the truck, it was nearly impossible to not get teary-eyed from the spice! He's had customers order extra Thai Peppers. And it's so strong, Laura and their children will step out of the truck because it's so powerful.

So, if you take on the spice and it's too much for you, they suggest ordering a Boba tea because it's made with milk. 

And we got to see them make a few other popular items:

Pork Satay

Credit: KENS 5

"It's marinated in Thai spices and then covered in a sweet coconut milk," said Joseph.

Golden Lotus House Special Fried Rice  

Credit: KENS 5

"That is our number one seller. It's about two pounds of goodness. And our special fried rice has shrimp and chicken," said Joseph.

Chicken Phad Thai  

Credit: KENS 5

"A traditional Thai street food, which is one of the most popular," said Joseph.

And if you want a plate with the Thai Peppers inside, the Ka Pow is your thing:

Credit: KENS 5

Joseph's family owns Asia Kitchen on 1739 SW Loop 410. So, he has years of experience. And Laura also worked there for years too. So, together, they’re a dynamic duo.

"I'm able to work next to my best friend, my wife. And without her help, there's no way we could do this together," said Joseph. 

And Laura told us, "He's the true backbone of all of this."

So, if you’re looking to try their Thai food, click here for their full menu.

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