Five-year-old Patrick Perez was born without a hand but 3-D technology is helping him do things he's never experienced before.

Patrick tried on his new prosthetic hand on Thursday.

"I can pick up stuff," he said."I can also clap!"

The hand was made by School of Science and Technology student Brian Haddock using 3-D printing. It was given to Patrick for free through "Enable the Future," an organization that partnered with the charter school.

"I felt so happy giving it to him and watching him pick up stuff," Haddock said.

Patrick's mom, Alejandra Perez, said that her little boy has been anticipating the moment since he was 3 years old.

"We had no idea that, throughout the pregnancy, we didn't know until he was born that he didn't have his left hand," she said.

Perez said that living without a hand never stopped her son from trying anything. She says that Patrick loves to figure things out, and his new hand will help him do more.

"He just loves high fives in it, and he's excited to show everyone," she said.