It's a weekly tradition for little Luke Taylor to greet the garbage truck that rolls down his street.

But on Saturday, his local sanitation workers turned the tables on him to mark a very special day.

Three-year-old Luke is fascinated by the weekly garbage truck visit to his San Antonio neighborhood. That’s why when his parents asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday party, he decided he wanted a garbage truck theme.

That's when Luke's mom, Christine Taylor, contacted Vaquero Waste & Recycling to find out whether they could make a special trip to the neighborhood during their off hours.

“We thought to do a little surprise that we would ask Vaquero if they would be interested in coming out,” Taylor said. “And here they are, and they just made my son's day.”

They came bearing gifts for the birthday boy, including two large toy trucks. Taylor said the sanitation workers have become like family over time.

“To have them come out here seems really natural and normal because we're used to seeing them every week,” Taylor said. “But they're here on a Saturday when they're not typically driving, and to have them come with presents and the gift of time, it's priceless.”