Janel Adkins had a picture of her holding a sign on her 40th birthday asking for any help in finding her biological family. The Facebook campaign would be shared thousands of times until it caught the attention of a distant relative.

"I gave up and tried, gave up and tried, and I said, 'No more!'" Adkins said.

The search for her birth mother would result in her finding her brother John Garrett of Frisco. Garrett and Adkins were both taken from their mother when they were very young. Garrett went through five foster homes and an orphanage and was adopted at nine years old. Adkins was adopted rather early on.

"I feel bad that I wasn't in her life before that moment," said Garrett.

They finally met at Dallas Love Field on Friday of last week. Adkins came to North Texas for the weekend to see John, his wife Charity, and their 3-year-old son Jackson. Brother and sister gave each other a big hug and Adkins said, "I have a brother."

"It is the best 40-year-old birthday present I can ask for," said Adkins.

Now that brother and sister have connected with each other, the two are hoping to meet their mother who lives in Arizona. A funding page has been made to help them meet expenses for the trip.