SAN ANTONIO — A truck slammed into a car with a child inside in a school zone. The family said the driver didn't even stop, and it was caught on camera. 

Last Friday, Eva Martinez was driving with her eight-year-old little girl in the backseat. They were heading down the intersection at Southwest 37th and Abshire Street, on the city's west side. They said the driver of the truck was going over the speed limit, and ignored the stop sign. The truck slammed into their car. 

"He didn't even stop render aid, nothing, just kept going," the mom said.

Her daughter, little Eva, said she is scared to get into another car now. Martinez said after the car came to stop, she grabbed her daughter. 

"I looked back and I pulled her to the front with me," she said. "She was crying." 

Neighbors said drivers need to slow down and pay attention, because it's not a four-way stop at the intersection. The mother and daughter have a message to the driver.

"Feel guilty about it and say something," the mom said. "At least give me a little 'sorry' note. I was able to not have my car no more; he was able to drive away."

"God bless you," little Eva said. "Even though what happened. I would say please drive safely next time."

The car is a total loss. It was the family's only means of transportation.

The mom said she plans to take her daughter to the doctor for headaches and chest pains. The family did file a police report and hopes the driver of the red truck does the right thing and comes forward.