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Vinnie's mom shares adoption journey memories | Forever Family

His mom gives advice for future adoptive moms.

SAN ANTONIO — When I was back for the holiday season I asked my adoptive mother, Jana Gerhart, if she'd like to share her adoption journey experience on the way to opening her home to me back in 1973. 

She was more than willing to share her walk with the idea of maybe helping future adoptive moms with any questions in their mind during the process.

Mom is still battling stage four sarcoma, but again, she wanted to share her life experience from nearly fifty years ago.

"My husband had some friends over and they were playing poker,' she said. 'I got a phone call and it was mother and she said the baby is here! I ran screaming in there and I jumped in the middle of the poker game and screamed, it's a boy! 

That was wonderful. We went to Oklahoma City through an attorney and picked up the baby in the parking lot of the hospital. I took it to my grandmother and she unwrapped the baby and said there's nothing wrong with this baby! 

I said I know! Isn't it wonderful? She said well somebody gave away a perfectly good baby! From then on that child wasn't adopted, he was mine, and he always has been. 

Don't tie yourself down to I want a boy first or a girl second or the other way around. Take what you get and be open to the possibilities because either way will be great. In reality those are the same odds that you are giving the natural way. Don't close yourself off to the possibilities. Keep your options open and go for it. It is worth it. Every bit of it."

I'd call all that sound advice from the mom! 

Please keep her in your prayers. 

We wish you much luck and blessings with your adoption journey! 

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