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THRU mentor shares experience | Forever Family

Mentorship can fulfill both the mentor and guide youth.

SAN ANTONIO — Just like the wonderful staff at CASA, the great people at THRU Project work wonders to help our area foster youth. 

Part of that process is providing mentors for kids in the child welfare system to guide them along as they age, and eventually age out of the system. 

The difficult truth is that some foster kids around the country will eventually be incarcerated, others homeless and others pregnant, and not being prepared to handle that life change. 

For foster kids, having that mentor lead in their lives can make all the difference. We spoke with one such volunteer and she shared her experience. 

'It is an absolute blessing to be part of someone's life," said mentor volunteer Tiffany Gibson. "To know that you have changed even a small portion of what they can be in this world, I mean, the youth are our future, so if we can provide that assistance right here and now between the ages and fourteen and eighteen we can develop some amazing working class adults,' she continued."

"Simple skill sets such as communication, emotional intelligence, advisement and showing her (Tiffany's mentee) my day to day work life balance. Showing her how to do applications, tutoring her and assisting her in those things that will then in turn help her maybe someday help other youth just like her in the future. She has become more happy and vibrant to know that there is somebody there that is consistent. 

"Oftentimes kids that are in foster care have difficulty finding that balance and are really in fight or flight mentality because they have not been in that concrete environment. I think it has been very positive and impactful."

Tiffany shared that mentorship can go well past right here and now between the mentor and the foster child. It can absolutely be lifelong. 

"You have one moment to change one life in any way," she said. "Take your chance right now."

You can learn more by visiting thruproject.org.

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