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'He's always smiling': Local family speaks about choosing to adopt medically dependent child

"To us it's normal. It's not really a challenge."

SAN ANTONIO — There are not many more loving parents in this world than Carl and Sandra Posch. Early into their now eight year marriage they took the life step of opening their hearts and home to fostering. They welcomed in baby boy Luis who was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome. 

"They (Benchmark Services) were very happy that we were looking for medically dependent children because it is hard to find people who will take care of them," said Sandra.

Luis is now seven years old and thriving in his Forever Home. The Posch family do have their challenges, but life is happy and healthy despite any of that. 

"Life is great. We do have our challenges, but we power through it," she added.

Credit: Sandra Posch

The Posch family plan was simply to foster at first, but when the family learned that the child welfare system planned to move Luis to another family in Houston they decided to take the next step, adoption. 

"My husband didn't want to give him up anymore. He said we should just adopt him here. He doesn't need to move from family to family. We need to keep him."

Luis battle some abnormalities, but does attend school, and involves himself in activities like most other children. 

"He'll see people, strangers, and just say 'hi', Sandra said. "He doesn't know any stranger. He is always smiling. He is always happy. It is something that didn't even feel like a challenge to us."

Credit: Sandra Posch

Luis's father, Carl, sees the situation the exact same way. "It's not really a challenge," he said. 'It's just like coming home to your kids after a regular day at work. He's fantastic. He's a typical boy."

Sandra and Carl, as much as possible, want Luis feel just like every other normal kid out there. 

"We want him to live a regular normal life," said Sandra. "He wants to be able to do things that other kids do." 

Carl says why treat him differently? "He's gonna want that. He doesn't want to be treated differently," Carl said. "I expect people to treat him the same."

Credit: Sandra Posch

Sandra said she once had a friend ask her how she was going to do what they decided to do. Her response was simple and effective. 

"Those who can do, and those who can't, don't." 

Sandra said Luis once asked her if he was in her belly and said no, but, that he was always in her heart. She said Luis doesn't think of them in any way other than mom and dad. 

"We had a home available, and if there are children who have needs we are here to give our hearts."

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