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Local parents give child found by first responders a loving home | Forever Family

"We've gone through a journey and its been our journey."
Credit: Rachael Braden

SAN ANTONIO — Many families we meet for the Forever Family series have seen their foster to adoption journeys come full circle, and that is where you'll find the Braden family.

''We wouldn't have done it any other way", said adoptive mom, Rachael Braden. "Given what we have we've gone through a journey, and it has been our journey", Rachael added. 

Adoptive dad, Wes Braden also enjoy the journey. 

"We have fun watching Frozen about one thousand times in a week", said adoptive dad, Wes Braden. 

"I sing kids songs at work, all the time", he said. "24/7", said Rachael smiling.

Adoptive mom, Rachael Braden also speaks about the IVF possibility. 

"When we were given IVF as the only possibility of having a child, we both just said, you know what, there are children in this world who need a good home, and we have a good home", said Rachael. 

"We have lots of love to give, so let's try this", she continued. 

"It doesn't make much sense to go through the IVF process and then possibility of it working or not working whenever there are kids out there that need homes", said Wes. 

Rachael explains how much she cherishes her child. 

"Oh we love them so much. I would go to the ends of the earth for those children", Rachael added.

Credit: Rachael Braden

And Wes and Rachael want the message to go even further. 

Baby girl Beverly, whose identity we protect, came into the child welfare system by way of the Safe Haven Law, more commonly known as the Baby Moses Law.

Parents with newborns, sixty days or younger, unable to provide care, can bring the baby to a designated safe place. That's any hospital, fire station or EMS station in Texas, and give the baby to an employee, with no questions asked.

"They will be safe, number one", said Rachael. 

"Whatever your situation is you always have an option, and do what is best for you, but they need an opportunity at life, too", said Wes. "That's how we feel."

And it was important for the Braden's to stress that point. 

"Baby Moses Law or foster care or whatever your situation is, there's no judgement", said Rachael. 

"To this day I still think of the mother on her (Beverly) birthday just because, you know, I can't imagine reliving that day over and over again, and the emotions that come with it, but we say prayers for her, and thank God that she did what she did. To be that selfless is the most courageous thing in the world that anyone can do. The baby will be loved. The baby will be cared for. Your baby will be safe. You will have given your baby a chance."

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