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'They are so unique': Kraft family takes faith based approach to adoption

Local family lives 'Life Of Hospitality' opening home to children.

SAN ANTONIO — We met the Kraft Family this week. Michael is a local pastor in San Antonio, and along with his wife, they have opened their home to both foster and adopted children. 

They have two biological daughters, and have adopted a daughter from Uganda, and two boys from the United States. Their faith-based approach to life has very much influenced their decision to open their home in the way they have.

Credit: Michael Kraft

"It is a lot of fun," said Michael. "It is crazy. It is loud. It is always a party at our house."

Michael's wife, Ariel, talked about the joy of having children from different backgrounds. 

"I think one of the coolest parts is how different all of them are," she said. "They are so unique, and I just love celebrating all of their individuality." Michael added to that, "They are just so full of life and vibrant, unique and precious. Life is so wonderful and so full of joy."

Credit: Michael Kraft

The Kraft's knew early in their dating relationship that adoption was on both of their hearts. It was later though that Ariel brought up the subject, and to her surprise, Michael was planning to gauge her interest as well. It has all since worked out. 

"It has been cool to see how God has written our journey," said Ariel. "It has really been an incredible journey." 

Michael says the Kraft family is one based on hospitality. It is simply their faith-based lifestyle. 

"Whether that is a foster child, or someone in a different season of life that needs a family, that is what we're all about." 

Ariel shared with us that we all have to be willing to put down our comfort and life convenience to go through some of that to save kids lives. 

"A lot of times people will say I could never foster because it would be to hard for me,' Michael said. "It would be to hard for me to see a child leave and my heart would break too much," he added. 

"It is not about getting a kid for your family, but it is about giving your heart and your home to a child in need. Don't ever be afraid because life can be messy at times, and our God is a God who steps into that mess, and as we enter into that mess he is there for us as he provides for us in ways that we can't possibly imagine", said Michael.

Ariel said there is no greater sacrifice that one can make than opening their home to a child in need. 

"It can change someone's life with your life and your time," she said. "They are my whole life, and whole world, and I would take more," she added, laughing. 

"I would not be the man I am today if I had not said yes to foster and adopting," said Michael. "I really believe in my heart that these kids have blessed me more than I've blessed them, and they've taught me more than I could ever teach them."

The Kraft's wanted to share with everyone that any couple out there that struggles with fertility should always consider the foster and or adoption journey. That's part of the reason they chose to adopt after their two biological daughters were welcomed into the world. 

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